Orientation Meeting and a Timeline

April/May: Orientation Meetings are held.

These meetings are mandatory. You and at least one of your parents or guardians are required to attend.

District 6220, 6270:

District 6250:
Go to http://rotary6250.org/STEP for the location and date details.

Make sure you reserve one of these dates. Items covered include: rules, regulations, insurance, packing and luggage suggestions, expected behavioral standards, and other general information. We also attempt to answer all additional questions.

February to April:

Matches are arranged. Finding a match in the country of your choice is the responsibility of the Short Term Exchange committee members. Once your application and program fee is received we begin an immediate search for a match in the country of your choice.

The matching process is dependent upon:

  1. When applications are received on both sides of the pond.
  2. The number of applications received.
  3. The gender of applicants.

Your application information is shared with our contacts overseas. They in turn share information about their applicants with us. Once a potential match is found we contact you to confirm the match.

The host family’s information is shared with you so you can begin the process of coordinating the dates of your particular exchange. Once you and the host family agree upon the dates of your exchange you would then make travel/flight arrangements. The cost of the round-trip airfare is your responsibility.

Very Important: Before booking your flights, be sure you and the host family have unconditionally agreed upon the dates of the exchange. If you, or the foreign student, cancel the exchange after booking your flights you could stand to lose all, or a portion of, your airline ticket cost. Cancellation of your airline tickets would be subject to the terms agreed to with the airline you choose.

Very Important: Exchanges overseas longer than 30 days will require an additional insurance premium charge before student leaves the country!

Exchange Dates

The Actual dates of the exchange will be coordinated by you and your host family. Typically, summer exchange programs occur during June, July, and August when you are out of school. If you choose to make an exchange with a southern hemisphere country then your exchange partner will expect to come here during their long summer break in December and January. Normally you will travel to your host country first, then bring your host brother or sister back with you for the second half of the exchange. Or, you may agree to host first then travel to your host country second. It all depends on each family’s schedule.

June: The fun begins.

Students either fly overseas or prepare to receive their visiting brother or sister.