Application Form

Rotary District 6220 use this form.

Rotary District 6270 use this form.

Rotary District 6250: Application will be available by Dec 1, 2018.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the forms.

You may now complete the application on your computer. After downloading the Application in Acrobat Reader page down to the applicant info page. Place your cursor on the first line requesting information. Type your info. Use the TAB key to move from one line to another. For Yes / No boxes place your cursor in the box and single click your Left Mouse button. Use the Acrobat tools to navigate from one page to another. Save a digital copy and print one copy of the application. Work with your local Rotary Club for final processing.

After the application packet is completed in full and all necessary signatures have been obtained then:

Firmly attach a good quality, recent photograph of yourself to the application form in each packet. It is best if the picture is a close-up of you with a light background. These applications will be emailed to other countries. A good quality digital photo inserted into the application is acceptable.

Attach a check for $250.00 to the application packet. See page one of the application form for instructions on check payment. Send one (1) original packet to your District Exchange coordinator.

Applications must be received by February 1st. In some districts an extension will be made until February 28th (District 6220, 6270) with no guarantee of country selection.

(Make sure you keep a copy of your application for your records.)